Mek Beauty Brow Bar

Our Powder Brow technique is a semi-permanent make-up for your eyebrows. It is a form of cosmetic tattoo where we shade the skin behind existing or non-existing brow hair to create definition and fullness. This technique closely mimics the appearance of powder/ pencil make-up that we use at home or in salon.

The idea is to create a soft and natural look at the start of the eyebrows to avoid a dark, solid/ block look. Pigment colour is determined by your natural brow hair. This is discussed during the consultation.

Powder Brows can last anywhere from 12months - 24months, depending on the client’s skin type, sun exposure and resistance to pigment.

Consultation $45

Consultation is a crucial part of the Powder Brow procedure where we discuss your preferences and share thoughts. Then we can decide what would be best suited to enhance your existing brow shape. This includes shaping (waxing if needed), and drawing to give you an idea of what the end result will look like. This also gives you the opportunity to go home and reflect on the consultation to ensure you are satisfied with the shape.


Powder Brow (including free touch up 6-8 weeks later)
Powder Brow Freshen up 6 months and under
Powder Brow Freshen up within 1 year
Powder Brow Freshen up within 2 years
Brow Wax/Re-shape (new client)
Brow Wax (returning client within 4-6 weeks)


Brow Wax/Shape $32

(new client)

Brow Wax $28

(returning client within 4-6 weeks)