Effective Laser Hair Removal
Arion Laser (Permanent Hair Reduction)

Conventional methods of hair removal usually only address the surface of the problem. The hair is shortened (shaving), torn out (waxing, epilators) or destroyed by chemical agents (crèmes).

Laser hair removal really goes straight to the proverbial root of the problem. The high-energy pulses of laser light penetrate the upper layers of the skin and unleash their full effect on the root of the hair. The actual target of the laser beam is the melanin pigment present in the hair follicle. This heats up and destroys the follicle. Without affecting the surrounding tissue, the treatment drastically reduces hair growth, with long-lasting effect. The procedure is relatively quiet and pleasant and no gel is necessary as it features superior air cooling.

As hair growth occurs in three stages, multiple treatments are necessary to ensure all hair follicles are destroyed. Laser hair removal is most effective if the hair is treated when it is in its active growth phase. Since the individual follicles have different cycles, a series of 4-8 treatment sessions, 4-8 weeks apart is advised to achieve the best possible results.

Laser hair removal is gentle and can be used on various parts of the body, such as the face, arms, legs, armpits, bikini line and back. Initially, laser hair removal worked best on patients with lighter skin and darker hair, but nowadays, thanks to Quantel Derma's advanced systems and treatment modes, patients with almost any type of skin and hair can benefit from laser therapy. Hair growth can be effectively reduced by up to 90%. The hair that does grow back is a lot thinner and lighter than before the treatment, so it is much less noticeable. 

Please Note:
Consultation with test patch $50


Laser hair removal prices

Standard Price Buy 6 get 1 FREE
Lip $35 $210
Chin $35 $210
Sides of Face $35
Underarms $35
Half Arms $70 $420
Full Arms $80 $480
Knuckles $35 $210
Men's Chest (full) $80
Men's Back (full) $80
Navel (Snail Trail) $35 $210
Stomach $50 $300

Bikini Line

(brief line front only no perianal)

$45 $270


(G-String line only no perianal)

$60 $360


(All/strip/patch and perianal)

$80 $480

Top Half Legs


Lower Legs


Full Legs

$110 $660