Mek Beauty Skin Treatments

The Visia system provides a clear and accurate multi-dimensional digital photograph of your complexion, to provide a comprehensive series of reports regarding your skin’s condition.

Due to the highly active and corrective nature of our products and services, a Visia Skin Analysis consultation is necessary before we are able to perform a Medi-facial or Peel. This allows us to analyse your skin type, medical history and your skin goals.

The Visia Skin Analysis examines and provides a report detailing skin hydration, oil production, congestion and pore size, pigmentation issues and ageing concerns, and also recommends the appropriate treatments and products for the best results.

Please note, to achieve the best results for your skin and from our services, we advise that you prepare to invest in a course of products to be used at home in addition to your treatment plan. Our basic products kits generally start at approximately $99.

Visia Skin Analysis – $65