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Cosmedix Refine Plus 15ml


A powerful concentration of Vitamin A, taking you to the next level.

Enhance results with twice the potency of Cosmedix® Refine. Refine Plus provides amplified assistance in reduction of appearance of fine lines/wrinkles. A combination of clever stimulating, soothing and strengthening properties make this a potent anti-aging tool.


Accelerates cell turn over for a radiant glow

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Improves skin texture and tone for a younger-looking

How To Use

PM: Only a small pea-sized amount applied all over face. Use every 3rd night and build up gradually to nightly use. Alternate with Defy. Cannot be used if pregnant or lactating.

Suitable For


Key Ingredients

Lactic Acid

Vitamin A

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