MEK Beauty

Societe Deep Thermal Cleanser 59ml


A deep-cleansing treatment formulated with self-heating clay and natural sea salt to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove trapped impurities.

A warming sensation is felt on the surface of the skin as imbedded debris is lifted away, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Excellent with facial treatments or in place of an enzyme treatment.


Improves the appearance of dull, lifeless skin



How To Use

AM or PM: Apply a pea-size amount to clean dry skin. Dot on forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Spread quickly and evenly, dampening fingers with water as you spread. Massage over face for one minute. Rinse off thoroughly with water. May use one to three times per week.

Suitable For

All skin

Key Ingredients

Vitamin E

Vitamin A

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